10 digital updates from last week that you might have missed.

Wondering what’s been up in digital? We’ve got you covered! Here’s what went down last week:

1. Facebook will automatically turn your posts into fullscreen stories for you!

Facebook’s “Pixel Matching” Technology for the WIN!

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  • • Any photo or video under 15 seconds, in one of Instagram’s feed aspect ratios, will automatically be optimised for full-screen viewing as an Instagram Story ad!
  • • The new feature allows advertisers to “seamlessly reach people” across both platforms, without extra customisations.

So, let’s get back to creating some of the best and most immersive Instagram Stories while saving a lot of time!


2. Goodbye green screen, hello YouTube video segmentation!

Google is developing a tool that will enable video publishers to quickly and easily add background effects to their creations.


  • • It’s testing a new feature that enables users to change video backgrounds
  • • The new feature is will do away with the need to use green screen or expensive and time-consuming third-party tools.

This AI technique will turn your smartphone into a mobile production studio!


3. Kanan Devan by Tata Tea launches The Photography Escapade India’s largest photography reality show


  • • Various platforms like influencer marketing, native advertising, published case studies, and Instagram were used
  • • The Hook: A once in a lifetime chance to co-create a limited edition pack featuring the picture of the winner
  • • It was successful in creating awareness about the brand and also in creating a personal brand connect with its younger TG


4. Are you short on money & time, but want to run an ad that is long on impact and recall? A Truly Game Changing Ad Format from Youtube

Introducing – “TrueView for Reach”


Image source: ucceedasyourownboss

  • • 6-second ads that are perfect for the moments when people are in a hurry or on the go!
  • • Gain broader reach in short span of time & build more efficient messaging!
  • • Beta-testing achieved massive on-target reach along with high completion rates & low CPMs.

It probably took you about a minute to read. Think it’s possible to tell a compelling video story in 6-seconds?


5. MakeMyTrip deals may be available on Flipkart soon



Image source: worldvectorlogo.com

A strategic partnership that will see the former offer travel services on Flipkart’s platform.

  • • All three of MMT’s primary brands — MakeMytrip, Goibibo and redBus — will be available on Flipkart.
  • • All the three brands will also have access to Flipkart’s consumer base.
  • • Domestic flights will be the first offering under the travel segment.

Vogue, vacations, and more are now one click away.


6. Facebook messenger becomes a lot more visual!
360-Degree Photos and HD-Quality videos can now be shared via FB Messenger.


Image source: topplabs.org

  • • This feature will be available globally and the photos and videos can be shared seamlessly via FB Messenger.
  • • Share it as a normal photo on messenger and Facebook will do the rest!


7. Google makes Facebook’s data on you look like a drop in the ocean!

Google has enough data on you to pen down your life.


Image source: dribbble.com

Quick update:

  • • Google has close to 9 lakh servers globally approximating to 1,500 crore GB of data.
  • ‎• Each individual’s archive file can be anywhere between 3GB and 10GB.
  • • Google also allows you to download your entire data archive from https://takeout.google.com/

Wherever you go, whatever you do, Google is watching you.


8. Say goodbye to tedious edits with these rumored Insta-story features!
Top updates we hope to see on Instagram


  • • Cinemagraph
    Imagine standing still in front of a waterfall while the water flows in a beautiful motion behind you! Goodbye, tedious edits!
  • • Portrait shutters
    Give depth to your images; add focus to stories.


9. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are in for the games!
The leading social platforms plan ahead to get exclusive sports action for their users.


Quick update:

  • • YouTube TV becomes the first-ever presenting partner of the NBA, WNBA, and G League Finals
  • • Facebook enters a deal to live stream 25 exclusive day games with MLB
  • • Twitter will stream another season of Major League Baseball (MLB), one game per week.


10. Boring print ads LinkedIn introduces video ads directly on your newsfeed!
Sponsored content is going dynamic, and how.


Image source: engadget.com

Ten-second takeaway:

  • • LinkedIn has introduced the option of auto playing sponsored content, directly on your newsfeed
  • • Video ads offered three times the playing time engagement of an ad
  • • Super specialized targeting based on position, interests, rankings, connections, and circles

That’s all for this week. See you next Sunday!

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