5 New Features Coming Soon to AdWords: What You Need to Know

For a few years now Google has been making big announcements in the spring, and they have usually revolved around mobile – in 2013, the big announcement was Enhanced Campaigns. Last year, they dropped the spectre of Expanded Text Ads and Enhanced Campaigns. Every year since then we have received more mobile ad types and features, and this year is no different.

Google continues to emphasise mobile-first, which means that the look of the SERP is changing in ways that favour the mobile experience over the desktop. This goes without saying that paid ads need to adapt to the mobile-first world too, and recently Google has announced some new and interesting changes to AdWords, rolling out over the next few months, that pay per click services and marketers need to know about.

If you want an even more detailed look into the upcoming changes, we have a roundup of all the updates right here!

1. AdWords Now Has a New UI

Google is calling this “the most powerful change they’ve made to how advertisers visualise and manage their campaigns in over 15 years.” And it’s clear to see why. The new AdWords UI is smooth. It is sleek. It is everything the clunky, old UI, with its coinciding shades of grey and hard to find sub-menus, is not!


Reference Image: wordstream.com

2. ‘Life Events’ Targeting Coming Soon to YouTube & Gmail Ads

There are some things that can be categorised as everyday purchases. Coffee. Chips. Meals.
For purchases that tend to happen around or because of BIG life events like weddings and graduations, those things are a bit different.

There are patterns of behaviour that tend to indicate an approaching life event.
Here’s an example:

Looking for an apartment and working on your resume, might establish that you are graduating!

If a product or service could help you at this stage in your life, the advertising to them is a mutually beneficial proposition!

By using this precise strategy, the smart-speaker company – Sonos saw huge improvements in both ad recall and search intent.


Reference Image: wordstream.com

Soon, AdWords will allow you to use Life Events as a targeting option in both your YouTube and your Gmail Ads!

3. Location Extensions for YouTube Ads

Good: A totally disinterested and dispassionate stranger finds and watches your video on YouTube.

Better: A prospect or an interested person sees your video on YouTube.

Best: A prospect sees your video, acknowledges the new location extensions beneath it, and then heads to your restaurant joint or shop to buy the desired product.

Welcome to the new PPC reality!


Reference Image: images.google.co.in

4. Google Surveys 360

Reference Image: images.google.co.in

Account managers rejoice!
Google Surveys 360 allows users to:
• Create a survey
• Find a clearly defined audience sample across the web
• Generate results quickly

Why and how does this matter?

It is going to make A/B testing SO MUCH EASIER!

Google Surveys 360 is going to give you the ability to request feedback from customers. By asking someone why they clicked your ad, you can get an idea as to what’s working and what isn’t straight from your audience’s mouth.

5. AMP Ads and Landing Pages for Search & Display


Reference Image: images.google.co.in

Mobile matters!

According to Google, every extra second of landing page load time renders a 20% dip in conversion rate. This is BAD! You need to work on faster landing pages ASAP.

AMP landing pages are Google’s newest answer to improving page speed.

But wait, it gets better!

In addition to sending search traffic to AMP pages (as you can already do organically), Google has also revealed Display ads for AMP pages. These ads supposedly load up to 5 seconds faster than regular Display creative: even though the ads look the exact same!

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