5 Things Every Digital Marketer Should Learn From Mad Men’s Don Draper

Want to be the best on the digital marketing scene? Beat all the others just by following these simple tricks from Mad Men to get ahead! Draper paints the classiest picture of the world of advertising. A suave gentleman, he swears by his cigars and scotch as he churns out some of the best ad campaigns.
The world of advertising was not an easy place to survive, but Don didn’t just beat this game – he invented it. Think you can make a killing like him? Here’s what we recommend –

#1 Dress The Part
Presentation coming up? Ditch those khaki shorts for a 3 Piece instead! Mad Men is all about the sharp suits, straight ties, and perfect posture. A well-made suit always conveys attention to your look. If you’re styled right, they’re already listening.


#2 Confidence is Key
This might be the most repeated advice you’ve ever heard, but trust us, it works! When you have faith in yourself and what you’re talking about, it shows. A confident you leads to a confident pitch, Don Draper style.


#3 “Greed Is Good”
Greed doesn’t always have to be a green coloured monster that ruins everything! Ambition for more can actually be a positive thing. It goes a long way in deciding what you want and what you get. Chasing success fiercely could just mean that you manage to get what you want!


#4 Stand Out
A different approach, a new idea is what sets you apart from everybody else. Take the road that’s never been taken before and you might end up at the top!


#5 Keep Calm
No matter how tough the situation gets, keep a cool head! Pause to collect your thoughts in a sticky situation with clients or your boss, and you might find a clearer solution faster.


Don Draper is the best mix of creativity, class, and straight-up business. Follow these tips to make a killing on the digital marketing scene. Be like Don Draper!
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