About Us



Creative Scientists mascot

There are creative dreamers and there are rational thinkers. The artists and the scientists. At White Rivers Media we are the Creative Scientists.

We believe in delivering solutions that are curated with the perfect balance between the Right Brain and the Left Brain.


Over the last 8 years, we have had the privilege and the sheer pleasure of working across borders, timelines and languages. With our experience and understanding of various global markets, we can proudly say that we are not just International, we are multicultural.

Why White Rivers Media

We don’t just provide answers. We solve your problems. Working hard is our second nature.
Our heart and soul is embedded deep into each and every project we work on.
We don’t believe in ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. No half measures.
We build strategies after assessing the needs of the brand as a whole and not merely for the sake of novelty.
We believe in meaningful innovation. We breathe life into brands.

Agency & Beyond

We are an extension of your marketing team. We dream the same dream. We chase the same goals as you.

While we started off as a Social Media Agency, numerous opportunities over the years have helped us expand into other spaces in the mammoth world of digital. Today, we provide not just digital solutions, but ideas that go beyond the ordinary and touch lives.

We are White Rivers Media: Let’s solve some problems!