Beat all the Digital Demogorgons – 5 Digital Marketing Lessons from Stranger Things

Hop on your bicycles and get ready to learn some wicked marketing lessons from the residents of Hawkins City. The current advertising scene is nothing less than how it is in Hawkins – every day brings new adventures. So, here’s how you can get in on the action and deal with your everyday adventures, the Stranger Things way –

Crisis can arise anytime. Be prepared.


Copy that!

Like spooky ol’ Hawkins, the marketing scene is also shadowed by unexpected challenges and terrors. To beat such situations follow what Steve would do. Keep the bat with nails handy!

A team that stays together, slays together


Together equals stronger. Individually, the kids at the heart of Stranger Things are smart and resourceful. But they dealt with some inconceivable challenges which couldn’t be tackled alone. So work together, share a tight-knit bond with your clients and take the competitors by the storm.

Stand out from the clutter / Break the clutter


Put those Ghostbuster suits on and rock that Halloween, because why not? In a world that cries sameness, make your brand stand out. The nerdy characters of Stranger Things dressed as Ghostbusters set the best example of how you can grab eyeballs without following the bandwagon.

Crazy is cool


This reminds us of none other than Eleven! She’s quirky, she’s brave, she’s unique and somewhat crazy. Just like her, every brand is different in its own way. So, allow the unique sides of your brand come through in your marketing and build rapport with your audience, just like Eleven managed with the boys!

Look at things Upside down


Is the glass half full or half empty?

If Lucas never changed his perspective towards Eleven, Will would still be stuck in the Upside Down. Things may not always be the way they look like. As a marketer, while ideating about a campaign or any communication, be sure to look at all the perspectives to get the best results from the campaigns that you roll out.

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