Big Brands, Bigger Pranks : A Roundup of the Top 5 April Fool’s Jokes This Year

April is always a busy month for the world of advertising. Holidays, festivals, and of course the holy April Fool’s Day. Every year, top brands bring out their funniest best with elaborate pranks to fool their audience. Check out some of the most popular pranks of this year –

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Ola Cabs – Taking you on a “ride” with – #NewsYouCanUse

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“Ola News Network” promised real-time stories, delivered by drivers out on the streets, reporting events and stories as they happen. With a teaser video, a blog release, and crazy social media promotion, this campaign wasn’t just the perfect set-up, it was almost real. ONN got a lot of people fooled with multiple “news” updates across twitter –


UberEats – Soul desserts to turn back time for your skin

Video source: Youtube

Uber’s food delivery arm combined two of India’s biggest obsessions this April – food, and anti-aging. They offered the world’s first anti-aging ice cream. According to their whacky campaign, this revolutionary ice cream works on 8 signs of anti-aging. Well played, Uber.

Olay joined in too!


Heinz – Chocolate Mayonnaise: an impossible dream?

Video source: Youtube

How do you make such a weird combo seem believable? Heinz came up with the perfect product, placed at the perfect time! This crazy mix was marketed as an Easter special to make it sound real. The spokesperson for Heinz even backed up this elaborate prank by issuing an official statement – “It’s hard to improve on perfection, but we think we might have done it.”

Looks like people fell for it –


Reliance JioJuice – Instant battery refills – whenever, wherever.

Telecomm giant Jio had its eyes on the prize for the best prank this April. They crafted one solution to cure every smartphone user’s problem – low battery. All you have to do is insert a Jio SIM and watch your battery jump to almost full. Offering a fabulous solution that we can never have – cool prank or cruel prank? You decide!
News like this is somehow too good to be true, and people surely caught on:


McDonalds India – for a heart full of fries.

One brand that’s closest to all our hearts decided to play an evil prank this April. With tempting promises of getting free fries for the entire year, they asked people to find a code hidden in a picture. Follow their directions, and you’ll end up reading a message that says “Promo Code – Happy April Fool’s Day”. The lure of yummy fries as a prank = Savage!


Check out some more cool pranks by leading brands –
1. Emirates – A flight with the gorgeous view of the sky… too good to be true?


2. Burger King – Good things come in all sizes – but how far will Burger King go?


3. Droom – Ditch the road and take the FLYway with these cool Hover Boots.


4. KitKat – Here’s one soap you wouldn’t regret tasting:

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5. Google – Google making life easier for you to avoid the really bad jokes. Thumbs up!

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6. OnePlus – Switch to the coolest cryptocurrency: PeiCoin by OnePlus is here!

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