Breaking Great – The Breaking Bad way

A middle-aged man realizes he is terminally-ill. He has got only 2 options – Live out the last few days of his life, working as a broke chemistry professor or become a drug lord and earn loads of money for his family.

He chose the latter.

Now, you may wonder, how can this man make it big in the drug industry, where even the most powerful ones had to be cautious? He had no clue about the industry, neither did he have any support, except his one ex-student. But, he had something which most of his competitors didn't – the science behind the drugs.

Here are a few key insights based on the story of Walter White, which you can use to make it big in this cut-throat business that starts with the M-word.

And by ‘M’, we mean ‘Marketing’.
What were you thinking?

So, here are a few meth-ods for breaking great in the world of advertising. Let’s get going, shall we

  1. Never Be Afraid


Imagine this:
You are in a conference room, your clients are staring at you and are observing your every move. Do you get scared or state across your point fluently? Walter White worked in an industry where he had to deal with (literally) deadly clients. Fortunately, you don’t.

If he had been afraid, he would have been dead.

The point here is, this market has a lot of sharks and being fearless is the only way ahead.


2. Nothing beats a great idea

tenor (1)

When everyone was getting high on just 60% pure meth, Walter White came up with a game-changing idea for a product that was almost 100% and took the entire industry by storm.

A great idea – the only thing that makes any marketer stand apart in the industry.

The key takeaway here is – just like the ‘blueish tinge’ made Walter’s meth stand out and
had a greater recall, a great idea would help a brand stand apart and would make the
consumers addicted to the product and leave them craving for more.


3. Always stand by your team

Breaking Bad Cheers GIF-source

Before the empire, before the business, before the success, came a team.

Of course, they may make mistakes. Jesse, by no means, was the perfect teammate. He made mistakes that could have got them killed. But, he also rescued Walter from getting killed. Walter knows without Jesse there would be no Heisenberg. And he is ready to do anything to save him.

To be a great marketer, you need someone that tells you right from wrong and stands by your side. In return, you need to believe in their ability, forgive their mistakes, and most importantly, trust them.


4. Don’t be this or that, be YOU

Say My Name GIF-source

Would we be talking about Walter White if he had created ordinary meth?

No. We talk about him as Heisenberg, who created the best meth anyone could ever get high on. He was sure his formula would crack open the gates of the industry. Following the market’s trends was not an option to him. Ideas that are new and ground-breaking, will definitely break the clutter. These are few of the great formulas for you to crack a solution to all your marketing problems and be the final product – the ‘Heisenberg’ of the industry.

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