How Businesses in India can benefit from Snapchat Advertising?

The first thing that probably crossed your mind when you read about using Snapchat for marketing or advertising is, “Why Snapchat?”

People are quick to jump to conclusions about this highly engaging social media platform when it comes to marketing. But we can all fairly agree that a hype created, or opinions generated is good for businesses or brands looking to start something new. While Snapchat for business is a fairly new concept to India, it’s time to get adjusted and become more suited to the platform, there’s no doubt that marketers are seeing an increasing rise in trends of Snapchat users globally.


Globally, Snapchat is primarily used by the younger demographic a.k.a., the millennials. Very few brands have tested their brands on Snapchat for business purposes. Brands in India, haven’t yet considered about moving away from Facebook, Twitter and now LinkedIn and Instagram – Snapchat for business offers better Impressions and engagement scores along with the main focus on branding, trying Snapchat for business can open various opportunities you didn’t know about.

Just like Facebook and Twitter seemed foreign to most users when they came out, Snapchat still feels foreign to most businesses. A lot of people in India may wonder how a photo and video messaging app can provide value to their business. Here’s something that will scratch your head, there are over 12 million active Indian Snapchat users and most of them consisting of the age group of 18 to 25, which is considered the toughest segment to retain for any digital marketer or a brand due to the clutter.


Having said that, there are several benefits of using Snapchat for advertising your business. Best way to make you stand out from your competition is to learn and try to incorporate Snapchat with the peripherals of your business. Combining it with Influencer Marketing can give your brand an exponential growth. Snapchat offers a wide array of capabilities for the nurturing and growth of your brand through high engagement rates and a huge involvement of your audience. The dream of getting to know your consumers better has now been fulfilled with accurate, up close and personal insights with Snapchat advertising.


Your brand can be one of the first in India to advertise on this millennial-loved platform. We are one of the first and few Snapchat marketing agencies in India. We aim to advertise to the most influential demographic online in the most non-intrusive manner possible! Get in touch with us NOW and Let’s create something great together!


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