Digital Marketing Manager

  1. End to end digital paid media strategy creation.
  2. Managing leads and client servicing for existing digital media clients.
  3. Research and creation of pitches along with the team
  4. Google Adwords, Social Ads & Analytics Technical Expertise
  5. Thorough understanding of SEM – Google Adwords, Social Ads, Google Analytics
  6. Expert in managing paid search campaigns
  7. Excellent control on the following tasks- Keyword Bidding, Ad copywriting, re-marketing, content ads, Match type strategies, Landing page testing, most recent Adwords features
  8. Excellent understanding of Google Analytics and deriving to action items from data points
  9. Understanding client goals/objectives and their entire digital marketing needs including Search Engine
  10. Marketing (SEM), Social Media, Display Advertising
  11. Work jointly with internal team to drive campaign strategy & development Identity growth
    opportunities from the client portfolio and drive revenue
  12. Identifying the target audience for a particular media campaign and deciding how best to communicate
    to that audience
  13. Monitoring buying strategies
  14. Liaising and building relationships with clients and media sales companies
  15. Optimise plans and budget according to the best media mix
  16. Creating and executing paid media campaigns across our channels of records
  17. Analyzing, Recording, and Troubleshooting performance data in excel
  18. Making in-the-moment campaign management decisions with massive budgets