Social Media Manager

  1. Understanding of the bigger picture of online objectives and ensuring all activity supports wider online objectives
  2. Be the strategist & the operations in-charge for the brands assigned
  3. Responsibility for hands-on interaction with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  4. Responsibility for hands-on interaction with off-site social properties; blogs, other company Facebook fan pages, forums etc.
  5. Respond and react to changes within social networks; changes in functionality, methods of engagement etc.
  6. Monitor and present relevant data, trends, successes, exceptions etc.
  7. Manage social media campaigns and day to day activities and promotions
  8. Ensure timely delivery of the project by regular reporting structures and effective client servicing
  9. Creative input on content, ideas on social media viral marketing
  10. Ability to write great engaging web copy in a real-time environment that can stimulate user interaction, discussion and engagement
  11. Use etiquette and ability to “sell without selling” online by delivering great service, great content & information but linking through commercial transactions which are relevant and appropriate
  12. Maintain close links with other parts of the organization to ensure aligned marketing and online marketing strategy is being delivered
  13. Work closely with the offline marketing and online marketing team as well as the IT/web team to ensure coherent delivery of activities aligned to strategic objectives
  14. Doing timely performance reviews of the teams and its members and ensuring that the set performance standard is met
  15. Manage a team effectively and deliver expected performance as a team.