To get higher conversions with clutter-breaking search ad content.


Every shop in the business wants to be known as the best in town. Even the target audience is searching for “best digital agency”/”best ad agency in Mumbai” and so on. Google’s search results were littered with “the best digital agency”, “top digital marketing agency in Mumbai”, “#1 digital agency” and so on. Each one of our competitors proclaimed that they were #1/best/any other appeasing superlative.


Instead of finding fresher superlatives, we took the honest approach to communication. With contextually targeted content, we reversed each superlative used by the competitors and crafted a unique, clutter-breaking content.

For example, if the competitors were claiming to be the BEST DIGITAL AGENCY, we said that we are NOT THE BEST AGENCY. BUT WE BREAK CLUTTER – as honest and simple as it gets.

We bid on the thousands of searches from clients looking to hire new agencies.

Here are a few that we targeted: “top digital agency”, “best marketing agency mumbai”, “best digital agency” etc.

Content was made clutter breaking to catch the attention of the prospects, which resulted to more than double the CTRs we have seen in other campaigns. The campaign was supported by respective landing pages, followed by emailer follow up campaigns with similar innovative content. The execution of the campaign was created with precision to pleasantly surprise the client with ‘clutter breaking’ content at every stage of the prospect to conversion funnel.

Our ads were displayed alongside our competition, and our content clearly broke clutter.

The number of clicks started ascending. We were discovered by 3,09,500 potential clients

We got a phenomenal CTR of 8.12% on these honest search ads.

25,142 potential clients clicked through and discovered our services and legacy, and we got 224 authentic and relevant leads enquiring for our services.

With the large number of leads we received via the campaign, we ran a parallel recruitment drive, with similar clutter breaking content and increased the team size by 15%.

Content was the key differentiator of this campaign. While the market was cluttered with ‘companies’ claiming to be the best, we took an honest approach and said that we preferred to break clutter instead. Surprisingly most digital agencies claimed themselves to be the best, which would have resulted to prospect clients feeling it as tall claims. Honest approached worked wonders!