Objective of the Campaign:

At a time when Mumbai Food Project had already fulfilled delivery of 14,00,000+ meals and 20,000+ ration kits in 19+ locations across Mumbai in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, our aim was to transition the project into its next phase, which would entail maintaining continuity in their growth as individuals via education and employment, and give their lives a purpose that is greater than surviving.

Our primary objective was to move pertinent resources – be it people, their skills, tools, or money –  in the favour of the not-so-privileged communities by the way of moving Mumbai’s heart and soul. The aim was to stir up conversations that would not only amplify Munni’s voice but also add value to it by generating maximum monetary support out of the heightened attention towards the plight of migrants and daily-wagers. Time was of critical importance while carrying out the campaign’s efforts as we had to keep as many migrants as we could from leaving the city, and along with it, their aspirations of a better life.

Campaign/ Project End Result: 

Munni’s honest, innocent appeal echoed loud through the emptiness left behind by the thousands of migrants marching on foot towards their native lands, and away from the promised city of dreams. On Instagram alone, the open letter was shared over 526 times. 

Impact-makers around the city joined forces to spread the message further among their online communities and bolster the conversations around the cause. With these efforts, Munni’s letter was delivered to more than 108K people and was viewed 35.6K times.

Despite the challenges and uncertainty surrounding their own lives, Mumbaikars came together to mobilise means to resources that could help these communities sustain a living during a global crisis. Within a mere span of X weeks, we had raised ₹86,62,830 in funds and an immense support that can be only measured in humanity.

Overall Strategy:

We created Munni’s digital video letter, which spoke on behalf of each daily wager and migrant who was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, as a callout to fellow Mumbaikars who have always stood by each other and made Mumbai the welcoming city that it is reputed to be.

The letter sought the city’s support to nourish every community with care and fulfill their aspirations during a global nightmare.

We were out to channel the conversations around Mumbai’s disadvantaged migrants towards platforms and people, where help in some form or the other was the estimated response. After its initial release on Pratham Foundation’s owned social media pages, the letter was placed in WhatsApp groups where Mumbaikars could engage in conversations and exchange ideas/solutions to overcome the crisis. 
Creative Strategy: 

  • We picked our protagonist and voice to be ‘Munni’, a kid who’s leaving Mumbai with her parents only to return when the city reopens for good. 
  • Munni’s letter harped on the notion that the dreams of the privileged are not different from those who are not and neither do they lack the passion to pursue it. It showed that kids like Munni and their families are only limited by their circumstances. 
  • To drive our point further, we adjusted the spotlight on people who were forced by fate (read pandemic) to discontinue their wildly popular food joints/stalls around the city in the wake of lockdowns and were now planning to migrate back where they would have access to life’s basics in the least. Our association with a platform such as Humans of Bombay helped these stories get their due reach.
  • While ‘Munni’ voiced a heart-wrenchingly positive parting note that emerged from her limited purview of the worldwide pandemic and its implications on her family, the video went on to elaborate that not unlike Munni there were hundreds of other children and their families who shared the same boat in a sea of suffering

Innovation that drive Effectiveness/ ROI/ Creative Tags/ Snippets & Other details

  • An Equatometer was devised to showcase the ground-level impact of each donation, no matter how small or big, and hence assure the donor that it was indeed a wise choice to help these communities
  • Further, motivation was served in the form of gratification where our generous donors were featured for their generous spirit
  • With a creatively inspiring twist to the most popular brand punchlines in India, we ensured that the motivation really ‘stuck’ and the momentum of emotions was not lost with passage of time
  • Motivational quotes from revered personalities were used to remind people of their innate humanity and their abilities as a human which collectively makes us a superior specie