A Complete Guide to the Snapchat Ad Types You Need to Know.

With more than 178 million daily active users watching 10 billion videos per day, Snapchat has the highest engaged audience than any other social media platform out there and that’s simply too big to ignore!

In this complete guide to the Snapchat Advertising, we’ll look at some innovative ways to use Snapchat ads to connect with the fans and build your brand on this powerful network.



What does the Snapchat ad platform have to offer?

There are a lot of different ways you can use Snapchat to put your brand out there! We have all of them listed here

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are full-screen skippable videos up to 10 seconds with an option to swipe up. The swipe up option gives access to things like an article, an app, a website, etc. You can find these between a friend’s snaps. Because of how well they blend in with the stories, you won’t feel like you’re viewing an ad and by the time you do, it’s done.


Snapchat Geofilters

Geofilters are a fun way to include your audience in your brand. Something custom made only for you. You can use the Geofilters for events and locations. You create a filter for an event and a certain location, and the allotted time your filter stays live. This way users can go to the location and snap using your filters.


Snap Lenses

Snap Lenses are another fun way to incorporate your brands into the users’ Snaps. Using something the audience is familiar with from your brand, you can create a Sponsored Lens. A certain filter or even an element that represents your brand can be used to bring in engagement. A sponsored lens can be used when the user is in the selected location.



The discover page features a combination of news, magazines and social. The placement of the discover page, the brand would be able to garner a lot more attention. Using this feature, you can put out articles, stories or even videos in one place for the users to find. If the users enjoy your content, they can keep following your brand by subscribing to your brand.




Image source: recode.net

Nationwide Sponsored Lenses

Nationwide sponsored lenses are the same as Sponsored lenses but with a wider reach. This feature lets everyone use the filter, reaching a wider range of audience. Using elements and products representing your brand, you can encourage your audience to make some fun content.


Image source: sysco.uk.com

Context Cards

Context Cards are a new way of learning about your brand. This allows you to view information about the Snap you’re viewing. Things like ratings, reviews, address, etc. This allows users to look up nearby businesses.2017-12-15 16_57_42-Context Cards

Snap to Unlock Filters and Codes

Snapchat hidden filters are found on limited items or certain websites. It’s an interesting way of indulging your audience. All you must do is open the app on your phone and scan the code. This will be a fun way to introduce sales, offers and some other content.

2017-12-15 16_33_06-Snap to Unlock • Snapchat

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