The Gossip Gospels of Marketing : Lessons from Gossip Girl

The dawn has just broken at the Upper East Side. Serena van der Woodsen has woken up, only to find rumours about herself plastered all over the infamous Gossip Girl. Meanwhile, Blair Waldorf is having breakfast in bed, savouring the joy of freshly made pancakes and her trysts the previous night, sabotaging her BFF, Serena. Chuck Bass has downed the first glass of the finest, one of the many more to come, whereas, in downtown Brooklyn, Dan and Jenny are getting ready for school.

While they make their way through the day, battling love, hatred, mistakes, and murders, here are few marketing lessons people like you and me, who get entertained at their mercy, can learn from Gossip Girl.


  1. Ace the race the Blair Waldorf way

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A Blair Waldorf is never complete without the scheming, sharp and hungry mind, always with a want for being the #1. As a marketer, vow to stay on the top of your game, analyse your competition and their strategies to plot your approaches accordingly.


2. ‘It’s not what it looks like.’ But do they know?

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On social media, you are at the mercy of the public eye 24/7, with every move of yours getting monitored, just like on Gossip Girl. Make it a point to conduct a good ORM audit to keep your brand looking good.  Be gracious about your mistakes and make your consumers fall in love with you over and over again.


3. If it’s ‘Gossip-Worthy’, people will share

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There is nothing as spicy, sharable and controversial like gossip. Upgrade your content strategy so that every communication you put out there spreads like a wildfire. Know what interests your audience, insert yourself in the most recent conversations and be the talk of the day!


4. Every opportunity counts

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 Each post on Gossip Girl has hidden, layered and ulterior motives. It is as if the Upper East Siders are forever armed with cameras, ready to capture a juicy piece of news and use it to their benefit. As a brand or as a marketer, always be on the lookout for opportunities that help you grow and make you famous.


5. Infidelity is the key to your success

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As a marketer, learn to be a Chuck Bass. The one who comes home each night with a different girl. Fearlessly experiment with your strategies, sleep with a different idea each night, just to wake up to a threesome…oops, a wholesome approach to your problems.


‘You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl’

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