Deal With Problems Like A Pro – 5 Tips From Harvey Specter

Problems are bound to show all the time – whether you’re in a young startup, a corporate, or a digital marketing company! Take a look at these 5 tips from ‘Suits’ to deal with your problems like a boss –

#1 Hit Pause
Your first reaction to a problem shouldn’t be a complete meltdown. Wait for a minute, take a deep breath, clear your head and then attack the situation.



#2 Don’t announce the problem; fix it.
No solution ever came from talking about the existence of a problem. Get out there and actually fix what is broken, and then we can talk.



#3 “Play the man not the odds”
Watch the way people around you interact with a problem. Then, use your observations about them to make sure that you get your way out of the situation.



#4 Keep moving forward
There’s no use looking back on the ifs and buts of the causes of a problem. Cut straight to the point, and get started in thinking of a solution.



#5 Be self assured, always
No one can help you out of a tough spot if you don’t think you can do it. Have a little faith in yourself and your abilities.



Bonus: Never EVER wear a skinny tie to work!



Never let a problem stand in the way of your success. Learn from The Man In The Suit – Harvey Specter!

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