Heisenberg 101 : Learn To Rule Your Market From The Best Dealer In Town

Tired of chasing competitors? Beat them all using these 4 tricks used by Walter White to rule his market in Breaking Bad. White is a high-school chemistry teacher turned drug manufacturer. Watch him weed out his competition easily using these steps –
#1 Scope Your Competition – Look closely at your competitors. See what they’re doing that you don’t have yet. Observe and learn from your surroundings – maybe you pick up something that impresses your clients more than anyone else! Who’s your Los Pollos Hermanos?

#2 Quality First – You might have a huge basket full of ideas – but are they all really good ones? Separate the top quality ideas and work on those, rather than just presenting numerous average options to your client! Give your 99.1%
#3 Be Unique – Don’t go with the herd. Come up with your own and completely original ideas to tackle a situation. Impress everyone with your unique thoughts and solutions, and you’ll surely stand out!
#4 Collect Feedback – Be sure to ask for opinions from your boss or your clients. They may point out something that you could use to improve your pitch or even give you a new idea.
With all these tips, there’s nothing that can stop you from being the Number One in your market. Get to the top like Heisenberg!
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