Make a Big Bang into advertising with Young Sheldon!

He might be young, but his theories will surely give you some wisdom and help you be a better advertiser!

Sheldon, at heart, will always be curious, ready to explore new avenues and methods to help him reach his goal. Moreover, understanding his innate nature will help you grow and see a side of yourself, you may have never seen before.

So, let’s get your ‘train’ of thoughts going.

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  1. Be YOU!

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Mary: “How about we lose the bow-tie?”

Sheldon: “Why?”

Mary: “Look around, honey. No of the other kids are wearing one. (sic.)”

Sheldon: “Well, perhaps I’ll start a fad!”

The best way to be different is by being you. Look around, all your role models and inspirations stand out because they have their own style. Find your style, and you’ll learn how to use it to create ideas and campaigns. We all are unique, so will be our ideas.

You may fall, but your shortcomings will help you rise. Be you and you just might start a fad.


2. Don’t be one of the best. Be the Best.

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No matter what he did, Sheldon always wanted to be the best. He used to work even harder when he realized he was lacking. You will have to put in extra hours, you will have to sacrifice a lot, but your efforts will be worth it.


3. Work Hard. Work Smart.

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Working hard is important but if you don’t work smart, it will be of no use. He is the smartest in the room. He has a solution to every problem. This is possible because he thinks of all the ways through which a solution can be achieved.


4. They are going to outcast you, but they can’t ignore your ideas!

Sheldon was always the outcast, not because he was an idiot but because he was smart and his ideas were excessively hard for them to understand. This was the reason why he achieved so many things at such a young age. Don’t be afraid of what people are going to say or their criticism because they will never leave a chance to put you down.

All you can do is get to work and prove them wrong.


5. Have faith in your team!

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Sheldon: “You know what I find comforting amidst all the chaos, mom?”

Mary: “What’s that, baby?”

Sheldon: “In a world filled with uncertainty, this place will be here forever.”

Just like your family stands by your side amidst chaos and uncertainty, your team too provides you with the same support. In order to be a great marketer, you need your team to be by your side. And you, in turn, need to trust them, have faith in them, take their criticism, because they do it only for your betterment.

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With all these cleverly researched thesis and tips, there is nothing that can stop you from being the ‘Number One’ in your market. Get to the top like Young Sheldon!

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