Marketing 101: Let’s Make Social Media Data Driven

Social media has become an indispensable tool for the modern marketer. It is a place to connect with customers, build brand awareness and even acquire new customers. With so much to gain from the medium, how do you capitalize the most of it? While most focus on content that goes on the platform (which is of course utmost important), data can really help you optimize your output. Here’s everything you need to know


Insights are your friends

Be it Facebook insights or twitter impressions, platforms are empowering marketers more than ever. Don’t just post content; monitor its performance across your mediums. Create an audit of your social media. This audit should include how many posts you do in a day, time of day, engagement (likes, shares, comments, RTs). Tabulate this and this should give you an immediate understanding of what works for your brand


What time is it?

The biggest insight you can get from a social media audit is the time of day your brand is spoken about/engaged with the most. Each brand is different; a blanket ‘post in the morning for good engagement’ doesn’t work anymore. Analyze when your fans engage with your content the most, which is your golden hour.



Life Hacks

Being an early adopter has its perks. Every time a social network launches a new product/platform they put all their efforts into pushing that product/platform. Capitalize on this for your brand. E.g. when FB launched live videos, the network’s algorithm naturally pushed that format on to people’s feeds in order to popularize it. Similar carousal ads on FB perform better owing to its novelty.


Think content

Each social media handle is a channel; so think of it as such. Posting the same content across all platforms may seem like a good idea to maintain consistency but also remember to tweak it for the platform. Create content that people can consume on the platform itself. E.g. Facebook is better suited for visual content, twitter is perfect for short crisp thoughts, Instagram is place to showcase beautiful stories, snap chat is where you have fun


Data never lies

What platform works best for your brand? The answer to this question can tell you who your audience is, what do they react to and why. This in turn can help you position your brand for the audience at large. All this starts with a simple bitly link. If you link back to your business on social media, ensure all links are short bitly links. Study the clicks on the link. Also, use your site’s native traffic tracker to see where users discover your business – FB, twitter, Google search or any other site


Watch the hashtag

Social media is the most honest CRM tool you’ll ever encounter. Create hashtag properties that you can own. It isn’t just brand building it is also an analytics tool. Follow the hashtags you create to gauge how the consumer feels about your brand. What do they speak positively about? What are areas of improvement? Use this information to better your offering.