Mission: Chicken Dinner

Why meet Ethan Hunt when you can be Ethan Hunt?

Wouldn’t you just love to play Ethan Hunt in the blockbuster series, Mission Impossible? Wouldn’t you want to take control of the car, pick up your M16 rifle and shoot down your enemies? We bet you’d love to – and that’s exactly what the Mission Impossible Franchise did.


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The billion-dollar franchise tied up with one of the latest games that rocked the Google Play Store, social media platforms and gave the world a run for its money (or its life) – Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG), to create a buzz about their latest movie, Mission Impossible – Fallout. Being the sixth movie in the franchise they had to hit it out of the ballpark.


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The tie-up between the Mission Impossible franchise and PUBG is considered to be a simple yet powerful move as it gave a world of gamers the chance to be Ethan Hunt. Players could choose if they wanted their avatars in the game to look like an IMF agent or Hunt himself through a ‘Mission Impossible’ pack. On opening the game, players were welcomed with the Mission Impossible background score, they were prompted to buy the MI pack at every look of the game.

PUBG Mobile also helped create a buzz through their social handles along with other content aggregators and publishers that only added to the hype of a chance to be Ethan Hunt.

Sure, there was no BMW R90 nor was there a BMW 7 series car for the players to smash through a wall or a plane for them to hang on to, but they did get a chance to be in the virtual shoes of the man himself, Ethan Hunt!

Keeping this tie-up in mind, we’ve realised that this is one of the few channels through which a brand can reach its millennial audience. It’s easy and efficient with a higher investment than the usual marketing routes but, it does reach more than the usual audience and definitely matches up to the expected reach and creates real-time conversions.

Talking about reaching the millennial audience, Snapchat advertising is another proven method to do so. Giving you a wide audience from the ages of 14 to 28 and higher, there is no better way to hit the nail on the head when it comes to matching up to the targets set for your brand.


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Snapchat advertising allows you to advertise through video and static. While it may seem like static doesn’t need a lot of effort and is simple, video is still better and much more effective, it is engaging and keeps the audience wondering what’s happening next. You may have seven seconds to prove your point, but it is at least better than a static image – if done right, that seven seconds is more than enough – a swipe up and you’ve communicated what you had to.

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