Moment Marketing: A Sacred Shift In Strategy!

How has Amul, a brand whose primary TG is mostly mothers and housewives, kept itself relevant for people across the ages since decades?

Moment marketing – identifying the right moments which are relevant to your target audience and crafting branded messages around the moments.

Marketable moments are unpredictable and we have to be ready with our tools a.k.a brains and skills to make the most of that moment before something else drives the attention away.

To sum it all up, moment marketing is pushing the right ad, just when you need it.

Here’s a thrilling example!

India was swept away when Netflix released its much-awaited, gritty and gripping “Sacred Games”, the first original Indian series by Netflix! This series not only has audiences binge-watching at home and work but is showcasing Indian talent globally even as it arouses curiosity and a positive buzz across the 190 countries where it is available on the video streaming service.

Apart from the thrilling storyline, the web series went viral for its raw brutality and rough-edged dialogues. Of course, various brands (and even some police departments!) grabbed this opportunity to meme the heck out of it and market their product!

Presenting to you, outstanding examples of moment marketing done right!






Keep your eyes open and brains on standby. A moment could be lurking just around the corner!

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