Quick Guide To Understand Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed is a powerful media stream and an incredible source of Information. But what we see in our Feeds is a bit of mystery to all of us.Have you ever wondered, how does this property of Facebook function? How are we able to see what we see when we log on to Facebook.

Here is a simplified Guide to understand the Facebook News Feed.

Facebook News Feed is prioritized by a computer Algorithm – the set of signals created by Facebook

to show you a personalised list of items, which the Company thinks you like. The customization is

done on the basis of these values of Facebook –

1) The driving principle of Facebook News Feed is the fact that Facebook was built on the Idea

of connecting people to their Friends and Family.

2) Facebook claims its second most prominent signal in finding posts that teach people things.

3) Facebook tries to predict what you want to read and watch.

Facebook revealed – the things you have seen on your feeds are not picked randomly.

Human beings write these Algorithms which determine what you see. There is a team of Facebook Employees behind this experience.It recently tweaked its algorithm in a way that will hurt the publishers that will rely on the

Newsfeed for the distribution of their content. It laid out the details after it came under the attack following the Gizmodo report that claimed Facebook was suppressing conservative news in trending top section. It has decided to reveal the details about the creation of the algorithms as well.

Featured image source: theodysseyonline.com