How Snapchat Ads Manager’s Latest Update Will Help Businesses

As Snapchat’s Ads Manager completes a year of its launch, we stand here to review the impact of its latest updates across businesses in terms of the value it adds to the efforts of performance advertisers.

If you are a performance-focused advertiser, the latest updates to the suite of tools on Snapchat Ads manager are just what you have been waiting for! Snapchat as an advertising platform has always been a class-apart from its contemporary social advertising platforms. This includes the innovative ad formats and activity-based targeting for custom audiences.

Over the past 8 months alone, the developers have been rigorously testing Snap Pixel’s cross-device measurement capabilities and much more. The objective throughout, has been to drive better returns for its advertising partners of all sizes, objectives, and verticals.

With some major updates made to the Snapchat Ads Manager, the self-serve platform is now complete with a suite of tools, which will add efficiency to the optimization and measurement of Snapchat campaigns for performance advertisers.

Let’s take a look at how the advertising partners on Snapchat can leverage these updates to the best benefits of their business.



Make Those CTAs work for you!

Powered by Snap Pixel, the new suite of tools supports a set of new bidding options for advertisers to drive specific actions on their website. They can optimize their Snapchat ad campaigns to target Snapchatters who display a greater tendency to sign up, subscribe, or buy. Therefore, advertisers can now focus on one objective at a time with each campaign.

Reach, Track, Measure, and More With Snap Pixel

The powerful Snap Pixel is finally available, and the advertisers can heave a sigh of relief! The developers claim that it will remain a central tool in Snapchat’s growing performance product suite. It is capable of tracking visitor actions on the advertiser’s website across multiple devices, and attribute it back to their Snapchat campaigns. At present, it also allows to create real-time audiences and lookalike customer profiles based on their site activities.


Reference Image- MomentFeed

Measure the Cost for Each Conversion

Until recent times, the advertisers could only keep a count of the conversions driven by the ads active on Snapchat. With the latest release of Snap Pixel, they can actually measure the value for each conversion based on return on ad spend. Further, this update makes it easier for advertisers to estimate the LTV of customers acquired via the platform.

Optimize Spends Based on Response for Each Ad Type

For a long time the advertisers have been using common attribution models of tracking the last click. However, these do not reflect the true impact of ads running on that particular platform. Snapchat Ad Manager’s new conversion lift capabilities empower advertisers with incrementality for each ad type, through individual holdouts. This means, a more accurate assessment of the investments on Snapchat advertising.

In addition, the advertisers are eager about setting up campaigns with the updated content creation flow. The new alignment is based on different objectives, and is expected to help advertisers define and achieve their goals throughout the marketing funnel. From what the developers claim, the performance partners can expect a lot more from Snapchat Ads Manager in the days to come.



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