Top 10 stories that rocked the world of Digital Media –

Byte Style (11th June – 15th June, 2018)

1. Facebook Launches New Initiative To Weed Out Questionable Traders

Facebook is launching a new program which aims to squeeze out questionable traders by restricting their ability to advertise, based on customer feedback.

-Users will be prompted to provide feedback when they’ve clicked on an ad to make a purchase.

-You’ll be taken to a brief questionnaire where you can provide insight about your experience with that brand.

-Facebook will share the information with the provider, and give them a chance to improve their practices.

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2. LinkedIn Adds Carousel Ads For Sponsored Content

LinkedIn has added a new carousel ad format for Sponsored Content, expanding its ad offerings.

– The new carousel format is pretty much the same as what you’re already used to on Facebook and Instagram, enabling users to swipe right to see more content.

-On LinkedIn, brands will be able to include up to 10 cards per carousel ad, each with its own, customizable message.

-Carousel ads are the latest addition to LinkedIn’s expanding ad suite. LinkedIn’s carousel for Sponsored Content is now available to all businesses.

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3. Reddit and Twitter Are Creating New Video Ad Formats
Reddit is rolling out native video ads across its website and mobile apps, in an attempt to highlight brands better for its audience

• The company will place in-stream and out-stream ads within its native video player on a cost per view basis.

• To help monetize the growing use of video content on the platform, which now makes up about 20 percent of all content.

• It will launch new ad format with some select partners, but plans to open it up to all advertisers later.

• Twitter said it will begin offering self-serve, pre-roll video ads that will appear inside of content from publishers.

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4. Instagram Lets Brands Sell Products in Stories

Instagram is giving brands the ability to link to products in stories with new shopping stickers.

* Previously, Instagram offered shopping features in regular posts, now the same is being expanded to stories.

* Different from the ‘swipe up to view link’, brands can now add shopping bag stickers within the story, which users can then tap on to view the product.

* For multiple products that are displayed in the stories, the brands could add multiple shopping stickers and link to each product.

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5. Facebook Launches ‘Level Up’ Program For Emerging Gaming Creators
Facebook has announced a new program specifically for emerging gaming creators, and a new gaming video destination on its platform.
The program’s key elements include:

•  Earning money with Facebook Stars:
Members of Level Up will be able to earn money with a “fan support feature” that Facebook announced in January

•  Early access to new features for livestreaming:
Members of Level Up members will also receive resources like early access to new features, best practices from established gaming creators and customized access to Facebook support for troubleshooting and bug reporting

•  Facebook says it will start to send out invitations to onboard Level Up members in waves first, and then open up the program globally within the next few months.

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6. *Now Snapchat lets you unsend messages*

_Snapchat will let you retract your risqué, embarrassing or incriminating messages thanks to a new feature called Clear Chats that’s rolling out globally over the next few weeks._

– Hold down on a text, image, video, memory, sticker or audio note in a one-on-one or group chat Snapchatmessage thread and you’ll see a Delete button. Tap it, and Snapchat will try to retract the message.

– It admits it won’t always work if the recipient lacks an internet connection or updated version of the app.

-The Clear Chats feature could make people more comfortable sending sensitive information over Snapchat.

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7. Facebook’s 3D Posts Are Coming – Here’s What They’ll Look Like

Facebook will soon roll out 3D posts, which will turn your regular images into more eye-catching visuals.

-At their F8 conference last month, Facebook outlined a range of coming visual tools and features.

-The new 3D posts will provide a level of depth to posted images, and will respond when you scroll past or angle your phone.

-The end result is a simple way to create good-looking, eye-catching visual effects, without having to be a tech expert.

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8. Facebook Adds New ‘Memories’ Section to Remind Users of the Good Times

Now access and share your greatest memories, based on your posted content, with a new Memories section

* The new feature will incorporate all of your moments, ‘friendaversaries’ and ‘On this day…’ reminders in one single place

* It merely incorporates the content you’ve already shared, but it may get more people engaging with it, and discussing more of their old posts, reminiscing about the good times.

* Due to the decline in the sharing of original content by the users they’re always looking for new ways to get users engage with their friends, this time through reminiscence

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9. Apple locks down iPhone security flaw, frustrates law enforcement

Apple has long been the major tech company to put consumers first when it comes to privacy.

•The loophole will be closed in an iPhone software update that will disable the Lightning port one hour after the phone is locked.

•Some agencies have been using special software designed to unlock iPhones, helping them gain access to the data stored on those iPhones for use in their investigations.

•Hence, this is widely considered to be the right move by privacy advocates and for the general public.


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10. New Twitter Updates Aim to Make Content Easier to Find

Twitter announced a series of new features on the way, which are all designed around making content easier to find.

– ‘Explore’ section: Twitter is experimenting with organizing this section by topic instead of content type.

– Search results: Twitter has added related news, events, and stories to the top of search results. This update is available now.

– ‘Happening Now’ section: This section will include tweets about breaking and personalized news.

– World Cup page: Twitter is rolling out a new page dedicated to the World Cup, as well as individual pages for every game.

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