Top 10 stories that rocked the world of Digital Media –

Byte Style (14th – 18th May, 2018)

Were you keeping track of last week’s digital media updates? If not, fear not.  We’re looking out for you!

1. WhatsApp Chat filters coming to WhatsApp Business

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• With Chat Filters, users will be able to narrow down search criteria on the application. It will help users filter messages for the same.

• To use it, you will need to tap the search option on the app and then find the filter feature.

• This will unveil a bunch of options, including Unread chats, Broadcast Lists and Groups and show messages according to the filter you choose.

2. Facebook Has Suspended Around 200 Apps That Could Have Misused Your Data

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• Facebook has done this as part of its ongoing investigation of third-party apps which could have misused data.

• Apps that were given access to user data prior to its policy change in 2015, as well as those demonstrating “suspicious behavior” since then, would be audited.

• In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data breach, Facebook had set up a website for users to check if their information had been accessed.

3. YouTube Is The First Video App To Help You Watch Less

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YouTube introduced new controls that will allow you to set limits on your viewing, and get reminders to take a break.

• At the Google I/O conference, it introduced new controls that will allow users to take control of how much time they spend watching videos on the platform.

• The reminders will appear every 15,30,60,90 or 180 minutes, and pause the video you are watching, at which point you can either decide to stop, snooze or continue watching.

• The feature is turned off by default and is obviously optional. It is the first time a streaming app takes steps towards giving users an overview of their viewing behaviour.

4. Twitter changes the algorithm

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Twitter algorithm changes will hide more bad tweets and trolls.

• Twitter’s  latest effort to curb trolling and abuse on the site takes some of the burden off users and places it on the company’s algorithms.

• Tweets that are determined to most likely be bad will get cast down into the “Show more replies” section where fewer eyes will encounter them.

• Twitter says that abuse reports were down 8 percent in conversations where this feature was being tested.

5. Facebook Introduces Voice Posts And More For Stories


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Facebook is bringing a bunch of new features to its Stories.

• You will soon be able to save photos and videos that are taken by Facebook Camera, on Facebook; and not only on your phone.

• Company chose to bring the voice feature to Stories, instead of News Feed.

• Voice posts are audio-only clips that you record when posting a Story or upload as a file, along with a photo that was taken previously.

6. Snapchat Rolls Out 6 Second, Unskippable Ads In Shows


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Introducing unskippable ads marks a change in the company’s advertising strategy.

• AdAge reports that Snapchat is now rolling out its new, unskippable, 6-second ads, forcing users to sit through commercials.

• The 6-second ads are not being inserted in or around user content, they’ll only be available within Snap’s shows.

• That limits their impact, and makes them more akin to the unskippable ad formats on both YouTube and Facebook, which have seen both platforms boost ad revenue.

7. 150 Million Daily Active Users, Here Comes the Ads on Facebook Stories


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Techcrunch reports that Facebook began testing its ads today in U.S., Mexico, and Brazil.

• Skippable video ads ranging from 5¬-15 seconds in the initial phase.

• The click through and call-to-action, which is missing now, will be added later.

• Facebook plans to give more metrics to businesses on the performance of Stories.

8. YouTube set to launch new music streaming service – YouTube Music


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• When launched in India it will compete with apps such as Saavn, Gaana, Amazon Prime Music and more.

• It will available to users for either a free version with ads or a subscription based.

• The service will be instantly accessible to existing Google Play Music subscribers.

9. Google Requires Parallel Tracking In AdWords


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Warns When Web Pages Are Unsecured.

• The update is to ensure that consumers have faster and safer ad experiences after they click on ads.

• The company will require advertisers to use parallel tracking for all AdWords accounts for advertisers who use click measurement for Search Network and Shopping campaign traffic.

• Parallel tracking aims to help landing pages load more quickly and speed up mobile pages.

10. Existing Instagram Organic Posts Can Now Be Turned Into Ads


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A new feature that allows advertisers to turn existing organic Instagram posts into ads within Power Editor and Ads Manager.

•  Previously, the only way to run an organic post as an ad was by using the in-app “Promote” button – Instagram’s equivalent of Facebook’s “Boost” button.

•  You don’t have to use the “Promote” button on Instagram to turn organic posts into ads anymore. You can simply use Facebook’s ads interfaces.

•  You will be able to create creating ads from scratch, from within existing campaigns and ad sets, as well as by creating similar ads!

I bid you adieu friends, but hope to see you next week!

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