Top 10 stories that rocked the world of Digital Media – Byte Style |16th – 20th April |

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1. Samsung is the most trusted brand

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  • • Samsung continues to be the most trusted brand in the country followed by Sony and LG
  • • Tata Group, the only Indian company to feature in the top five, occupied the fourth slot. 
  • • Apple took the fifth position, losing a spot from last year

       Which brand do you trust the most? 

2. WhatsApp to now allow Android users to recover previously deleted media     fb-post

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  • • The re-downloading option is only available for files from WhatsApp chats that have not been deleted by either user.
  • • Earlier, WhatsApp would store undownloaded media on its servers for 30 days before deleting.
  • • The latest version for Android (2.8.113) has been rolled out with this update.


3Facebook to use AI to predict your future behaviour?


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  • • New advertising service reportedly driven by AI to allow clients to influence user decisions
  • • “Improved marketing efficiency”: User base is scanned to identify individuals ‘at risk’ of jumping ship to a competitor
  • • “Loyalty prediction”: Predicting identified user’s future interaction with a particular product


4. Will Smith becomes the first terrestrial on earth to chat with an astronaut on Instagram LIVE  giphy (1)


  • • Last week, Will Smith went LIVE on Instagram with Drew Feustel, an astronaut stationed at the International Space Station. 
  • • This was a part of the promotional plan for Darren Aronofsky’s 10-part documentary ‘One Strange Rock’ that explores life on earth with 8 astronauts as main storytellers! 

They say the sky’s the limit, but clearly, we can go beyond with more creative promotional ideas!

5. Looking to spice up your Facebook Stories? Here’s a new AR effect!

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  • • You’ll soon be able to take a photo of your surroundings and annotate them using AR
  • • The company is calling the new feature “3D drawing.”
  • • “We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them” John Barnett

This is going to change the way we all perceive and create content!

6. Amazon’s secret Web browser launched in the dark

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  •  A faster, lighter Web browser called “Internet” was just rolled out by Amazon
  •  It hasn’t had a full-fledged launch yet. Just a couple hundred downloads on Google play/App Store.
  •  Claim to fame: it does not ask for privacy permissions, making it “safer” than currently existing browsers.

A new wave or another drop in the ocean?


7. Video Ads will now play on sites other than YouTube!

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  • • Google launches new video ad format called Outstream to play on sites other than YouTube
  • • The new ad format is exclusively built for the mobile web, apps, and sites other than YT.
  • • The videos appear in banners for mobile web placements and as banners, interstitials, in-feed, and native for apps.


8. Snapchat Shoppable AR Will Allow Advertisers To Sell Things From Sponsored Len


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  • • Snap is introducing Shoppable AR to its platform this week
  • • Snapchat allows advertisers to add call-to-action buttons to their lenses.
  • • Taking users to a website to browse, a product to buy, an app to install, or a video to watch is now more interactive!
  • Shoppable AR is launching with a few of Snap’s media partners for the time being – Clairol, Adidas, King (of Candy Crush fame)


9. IPL 2018 fans get ready, four of your favourite teams are coming to Snapchat! 


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Snapchat announced that the Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals, have joined the platform as Official Stories.

  • • Snapchat has released new creative tools for fans to support their teams and join the fun.
  • • The Lenses transform you into a helmeted player, with the team anthem playing in the background, and are available automatically in each team’s state 
  • • Snaps by official team accounts will provide glimpses of the action that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.


10. Clever KFC Ads Perfectly Replaced Fire With Spicy Fried Chicken

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.06.22 PM

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Ogilvy Hong Kong finds a simple and effective metaphor!

  • • The best print ads often make you look twice. A perfect example? This campaign for KFC Hot and Spicy!
  • • There’s not much to the concept, but in this case, that’s a good thing!
  • • Once you get the concept, you get the concept and can just sit back and appreciate the craft


That’s all, for now, folks, hasta la vista!

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