How to wear the crown and rock it, too: 7 leadership lessons from Netflix’s The Crown.

“To do nothing is often the best course of action, but I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be. History was not made by those who did nothing.”

Netflix’s leading political drama The Crown was not just about all the shiny bits of aristocratic standards of living. In times when women leaders are not recognized as powerful decision-makers, Claire Foy preaches the badass side of being a leader as legendary as Queen Elizabeth II.

Stay Unapologetic

“I’m aware that I am surrounded by people who feel that they can do the job better. But for better or for worse the crown has landed on my head.”


There’s always going to be that one second-guesser, that one person who doubts you. Never let it be yourself. You need to be unapologetic about your decisions – if you do not believe in them, no one will. Leaders do not falter or stumble, they simply lead.

Sort your work-life balance

“Yes, I am queen. But I am also a woman… and a wife.”


Set the tone for others to follow. With the right work-life balance, your work ethic becomes an example for your co-workers too. This balance keeps you safe from extreme crisis on personal and professional fronts.

Simplify situations

“Let’s not overcomplicate. My name is Elizabeth”


Life will never cease to throw complex situations at you. The wiser choice is to step out of the chaos and take a neutral stance on it. More often than not, you will find an easily accessible solution glaring back at you. With practice, you evolve as a leader who can calm any storm with a snap of your fingers.

Stimulate actions, not reactions

“Forgiveness is very important to me.”


The way in which you respond to critical situations speaks volumes about the kind of leader you are. Practice being the alpha, who people can approach with honest opinions and eventually end up seeking actionable solutions together. A leader who can exchange forgiveness over ego is never feared but respected.

Serve the Bigger Picture

“The people look to the monarchy for something bigger than themselves”


Always remember that people look up to their leaders for a solution when they have failed at their end. Be the person who serves the larger picture. The collective cause is the only one that should be on the top of your head while taking any decision. This helps you maintain an unbiased take on delicate matters.

Own up

“One always has to accept one’s own part, I believe, in any mess.”


Learn how to own up your mistakes and shortcomings. Do not waste a single breath in regretting it. Step up and do whatever it takes to clean up the mess. This quality establishes you as a leader who not just preaches about ownership of responsibilities, but practices it as well.

Selective innovation


Be open to changes and adaptations. Flexibility is the key to staying relevant throughout the changing times. However, you might want to retain some personalized ground rules to set your signature style of work, just like the noble(name the family) family. This leaves your team both upgraded and disciplined.

These are some of the regular practice, which helped the amateur princess become one of the greatest queens of her dynasty; it helped Shirley Temples become Queen Elizabeth. Surely enough, they will help you become a leader who is both respected and revered.
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