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How Does A Good UI Design Offer A Great User Experience

30th November 2022
Customers certainly expect good services and products. But, in today’s digital world where a business also exists on the internet, a website becomes the face of the brand online. Now, imagine if a user lands on a website and finds it difficult to know what the brand/company offers and how to go about using the website.
Do you think the user will stay or look for another website?
It takes just a few seconds to exit the website because it was not easy to use or maybe the design did not make a remarkable first impression!
If it is a business website, it becomes all the more imperative for it to have an excellent user interface. How users interact with the website and the end experience it delivers to a customer are crucial for brand/business websites.
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
— Steve Jobs

What is UI?

  • The user interface (UI) is a place where a user interacts with a website, an application, or software.
  • The way a website is presented to the user, its layout, its presentation of content, including design, features, and more, are all part of website UI.
  • The functionality, look, and feel must allow easy use and navigation on the website.
  • Overall, the UI design includes accessibility, efficiency, and responsiveness of a website.
Therefore, a good website UI design must be easy to use and have a consistent layout.

Difference between UI and UX?

  • While the user interface or UI design includes the look and feel of the website, user experience (UX) is the comprehensive experience of the visitor's interaction with a website or application.
  • UI and UX are two distinct factors that work hand-in-hand to satisfy the website visitor/ customer.
  • The designers follow various approaches that help enhance the customer’s experience..
  • Therefore, a good UX design creates the best workflow and adds to the user’s overall experience of using the website or application.
Now that we have established the difference between UI and UX, let us understand the importance of user interface.
“Did you know? As per Forbes, a good user interface raises conversion rates by 200%!"

The Importance of a Good User Interface

New Customer Attraction and Retention
  • UI design not only helps to attract new visitors but also helps to retain their attention, and sometimes become a factor for conversion
  • The comfortable and easy navigation enables the visitors to continue their experience on the website.
  • An engaging website with good quality UI design helps cast a great first impression of the brand or business in the minds of users
  • Most users today open a website on their phones, therefore, brands must ensure that the UI design is made mobile-friendly
“74% of viewers are more likely to revisit the website if it is mobile-friendly. (Ledgeview Partners, 2020)"
Low Cost for Development
  • A well designed UI will cause no problems later and may prove to be beneficial for the brand
  • Brands can prevent any mistakes that may occur in the future, so it is best to plan the UI design of the website efficiently in the first place
  • Eliminating functions that are not relevant and regular testing is also a way of ensuring that the UI design is effective and works smoothly for the users
Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • A good UI design helps to deliver a better customer experience and plays a vital role in customer satisfaction
  • A UI design should enable users to easily find the products or services on a website
  • Faster fulfilment of customers’ needs leads to customer loyalty, more conversion, low resources, and low costs
  • Bad UI/UX can drive the customer away from the website and thus results in poor customer satisfaction
“Given 15 minutes to consume content, 66% of users prefer to look at a beautifully designed website. (Ledgeview Partners, 2020)"
It Boosts SEO and Website Traffic
  • Good quality user interface design helps increase website traffic, leads, and sales
  • All business websites want to rank higher on a search engine, an excellent UI design contributes to the SEO ranking
  • It helps to reduce the bounce rate, keeps the customer on the website for a longer period, and thus improves engagement on a website
Improves Credibility and Brand Image
  • Would a customer or visitor trust the website if it does have a well-designed website? Good UI design helps build trust between the brand and customers
  • A bad UI design can form a negative perception of a business in the minds of consumers
  • Brands can leverage the UI design of their website to establish a distinct brand identity. This overall helps a business to improve credibility and build a good reputation
“About 75% of a website’s credibility is due to design. (Ledgeview Partners, 2020)"
Stand Out from the Competitors
  • A great UI/UX design lets a website or application stand out from its competitors
  • Creating unique UI/UX that leaves an imprint on the visitor or user’s mind will help to build a loyal base of customers
  • Ultimately, good UI design helps to deliver an exceptional user experience by simplifying things for the customer
Key Takeaway:
  • UI is the look and feel of the website and UX is the comprehensive experience of the customer. Both are distinct yet work hand-in-hand
  • A good UI design helps to attract new visitors, helps them engage on the websites, build customer retention, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty
  • UI and content must help users easily find what they search for. It helps the website rank higher on search engines and attracts more traffic
  • Businesses should build a distinct identity using the power of good UI and UX
“ A user interface is like a joke! If you have to explain it, it’s not that good."
— Martin Le Blanc

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